Austria national cricket team

Association Austrian Cricket Association
ICC status Affiliate (1992)
ICC region ICC Europe
WCL n/a (regional tournaments)
Coach Andrew Simpson-Parker (2014)
Captain Amar Naeem (2014)
First international
Austria Austria v. Guernsey 
(Castel, Guernsey; 21 May 1990)
As of 4 September 2015

The Austria national cricket team represents the Republic of Austria in international cricket. The team is organised by the Austrian Cricket Association, which became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1992.

The Austrian national team made its international debut in 1990, at the European Cricketer Cup in Guernsey. It has since regularly competed in European Cricket Council tournaments, usually in the lower divisions, and also often plays bilateral series against other European sides.[1]

International competition

The Austrian National Team has participated in a considerable number of international tournaments, including hosting three tournaments since 2000:

2000 ECC (European Cricket Council) Representative Festival (5 teams – Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Austria) 2001 ECC Trophy in Seebarn and Velden (10 teams – Sweden, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Croatia and Finland) 2002 ECC European Cricket Championships, B Division in Northern Ireland (6 teams – Austria, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Israel and Portugal) 2003 ECC Notts Sport Trophy in Seebarn and Markomannenstrasse (11 teams – Malta, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Austria and Norway)

They have been placed in Division Five of the newly expanded European Championship from 2008.

Tournament history

European Cricket Championship

Club cricket

There are three club competitions within Austria: the ACA (Austrian Cricket Association) League, and ACA Trophy (north & south).

The ACA League comprises (in 2006) 14 teams, 10 of which are based in Vienna. The ACA Trophy sometimes includes teams from outside Austria, for example from Poland and the Czech Republic.

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