Cambodia national cricket team

ICC status Non-entities (N/A)
ICC region Asia
Coach Unknown
Captain N/A
First international
As of 29 October 2012

The Cambodian national cricket team is a cricket team that represents the nation of Cambodia in international cricket competitions and is administered by the Cricket Association of Cambodia.

Cambodia applied for Asian Cricket Council membership, which was granted in 2012.[1] The Cricket Association also plans to apply for membership of the National Olympic Committee.

Cricket in the former French colony of Cambodia is still a mainly expatriate game at senior level, and a growing interest with the younger set of boys that play. Additionally, a structured cricket league is being planned in the country with the help of the Thailand Cricket League and that the National Stadium, Phnom Penh and Army Stadium will be available. Cambodia is planned to host the 2023 Southeast Asian Games and a cricket ground could be funded and built.[2] A cricket ground 10km from the capital began construction and was expected to be ready by October 2014.[3]

The Cricket Association planned to join the International Cricket Council as an Affiliate Member in 2013,[4] but in 2014 it was reported that this was some way in the future yet.[3]


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