Denmark national cricket team

Association Dansk Cricket Forbund
ICC status Associate (1966)
ICC region ICC Europe
WCL 2016 Division Four
Coach Jeremy Bray
First international
Denmark Denmark v. Netherlands 
(The Hague; 20 August 1955)
List A debut
Denmark Denmark v. Kent Cricket Board England
(Maidstone, Kent; 4 May 1999)
Twenty20 debut
Denmark Denmark v. Bermuda 
(Sharjah, UAE; 13 March 2012)
World Cup Qualifier
Appearances 7 (first in 1979)
Best result 3rd place (1986)
World Twenty20 Qualifier
Appearances 2 (first in 2012)
Best result 16th (2012, 2013)
As of 13 September 2015

The Denmark national cricket team is the team that represents the country of Denmark in international cricket matches. They have been an associate member of the International Cricket Council since 1966,[1] and have previously been a part of the ICC's High Performance Program.[2]



Cricket has been played in Denmark since the mid-19th century, with the first club being formed in 1865 by English railway engineers. The first organised match was played the following year between two teams of English players, with the first matches involving Danish players taking place in 1866. The game expanded greatly over the following twenty years, with 30 new clubs being formed in 1883.[3]

Several touring sides from England and Scotland visited the country in the early part of the 20th century, including the famous Marylebone Cricket Club. In 1933, an attempt to organise the first international match against the Netherlands failed, and it wasn't until 1954 when the Danish national side played their first match against Oxford University, the year after the current Danish Cricket Federation was formed.[3]

They then began to play against other national sides, primarily the Netherlands, who they first played in 1955. They played their first match against Scotland in 1961.[3]

ICC membership

Denmark became an associate member of the ICC in 1966,[1] drawing their international against Scotland that year. They played Bermuda for the first time in 1969 and drew their first match against Ireland in 1970. They finally picked up their first international win against the Netherlands in 1972.[3]

They played their first matches against Canada in 1974, losing a three-day match but winning the limited overs match. They played home internationals against East Africa and Sri Lanka, beating East Africa. They toured East Africa the following year, drawing with both East Africa and Kenya.[3]

They took part in the first ICC Trophy in 1979, reaching the semi final where they lost to Sri Lanka.[4] They did not take part in the 1982 tournament.[5] In 1983, Ole Mortensen became the first Danish player to play county cricket.[3] Denmark returned to the ICC Trophy in 1986 and finished third after beating Bermuda in the third place play-off.[6]

In 1989, Denmark hosted Australia for two one-day matches. They lost the first match in Brøndby by 45 runs[7] and lost the second in Copenhagen by 54 runs.[8] They fared better at home against Canada that year, winning twice against them. After playing both home and away against Bangladesh in 1990,[3] they played in the ICC Trophy, reaching the second round.[9]

Denmark again played in the ICC Trophy in 1994, finishing tenth in the tournament after losing to Namibia in the plate final.[10] They played their first matches against France in 1995, and hosted the first European Cricket Championship in 1996,[3] finishing third.[11] They finished fifth in the following years ICC Trophy[12] and were runners up in the European Championship in 1998.[13]

In 1999, Denmark took part in the NatWest Trophy for the first time.[3] The following year, they took part in the ICC Emerging Nations Tournament in Zimbabwe, where they finished fourth,[14] and the European Championship, where they finished last, without winning a game.[15] The following year, they took part in the ICC Trophy in Canada, finishing eighth.[16] The MCC toured Denmark in 2002, and Denmark won all three matches.[3] They won just one match at that year's European Championship, finishing fifth ahead of Italy.[17]

Present day

The Netherlands visited Denmark in 2003, winning both matches. Denmark played a two match series against Ireland later in the year, losing both matches and missing out on qualification for the ICC Intercontinental Cup.[3] They again finished last in the European Championship the following year.[18] In 2005, they played their final match in the Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, losing heavily to Northamptonshire at Svanholm Park before taking part in the 2005 ICC Trophy, where they again finished eighth.[19]

In 2006, Denmark again took part in the European Championship, finishing fourth after winning only against Italy.[20] At the end of that year, it was announced that they would join the ICC's High Performance Programme from 1 April 2007.[2]

In August 2007, Denmark registered a win over Bermuda, an ODI playing country, and towards the end of October 2007 they played in Kenya against domestic teams and Kenya A. Denmark, led by Freddie Klokker who scored consecutive centuries in all their matches, clean swept the Kenyan sides and Kenya A. Denmark bowled, batted and fielded exceptionally well.

In November 2007, Denmark took part in Division Two of the World Cricket League. In finishing fourth, they qualified to compete in the 2009 ICC World Cup Qualifier. However, they eventually came last of the twelve teams, meaning they were relegated to Division Three of the World Cricket League. They next competed in the 2011 ICC World Cricket League Division Three, where they came 5th to be relegated to the Division Four.

In November 2013, they competed in the 2013 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier in the U.A.E where they finished in last place, failing to win a game.

Tournament history

ICC World Cup Qualifier

ICC World T20 Qualifier

World Cricket League

ICC 6 Nations Challenge

European Cricket Championship


Current squad

The following list lists the 14 players in Denmark's squad for the 2014 ICC World Cricket League Division Four.[25]

Other players

See List of Denmark List A players and Category:Danish cricketers

The following Danish players have played first-class or List A cricket for teams other than Denmark:[26]


ICC Trophy


Performances by Danish cricketers in 50 over World Cricket League matches and European regional competitions, as of 29 June 2014

Current players
Name Matches Runs Wickets
Michael Pedersen 57 1396 25
Freddie Klokker 55 2071 0
Bashir Shah 39 153 50
Rizwan Mahmood 27 467 0
Zishan Shah 20 263 9
Aftab Ahmed 18 227 14
Yasir Iqbal 17 212 13
Hamid Shah 13 206 6
Shehzad Ahmed 9 195 0
Basit Raja 7 9 8
Amjad Khan 6 160 8
Zameer Khan 5 124 0
Kamran Mahmood 4 50 1
Anders Bulow 2 5 2
Notable former players
Name Matches Runs Wickets
Carsten Pedersen 56 1526 0
Bobby Chawla 47 333 56
Henrik Hansen 41 236 31
David Borchersen 36 257 37
Thomas Hansen 26 272 40
Max Overgaard 19 248 0
Moreten Hedegard 19 194 13
Johan Malcolm 17 278 17
Mickey Lund 16 340 0
Lars Hedegard 15 207 12
Soren Vestergaard 15 253 1
Jacob Larsen 12 98 13
Martin Pedersen 10 123 3


Freddie Klokker - 138* vs USA at The Mall, Armagh on 2 July 2005

Michael Pedersen - 121 vs Netherlands at NW Uni Ground, Potchefstroom on 2 April 2009

Freddie Klokker - 119* vs Norway at The Inch, Dublin on 29 July 2008

Freddie Klokker - 119 vs Netherlands at Svanholm Park, Brondby on 5 June 2008

Freddie Klokker - 101* vs USA at Mission Road Ground, Mong Kok on 29 January 2011

5 wicket hauls

Thomas Hansen - 7/13 vs Bermuda at Svanholm Park, Brondby on 9 August 2007

Thomas Hansen - 6/30 vs Uganda at Moylena Ground, Muckamore on 1 July 2005

Bashir Shah - 5/11 vs Singapore at Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur on 10 September 2012

David Borchersen - 5/18 vs Bermuda at Svanholm Park, Brondby on 10 August 2007

Lars Hedegard - 5/40 vs Netherlands at Svanholm Park, Brondby on 5 June 2008

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