Finnish Cricket Championships

The Finnish Cricket Championships hold their roots in the 1960s, when the "Palmerston community" played their first matches in Tapiola, Espoo. The Cricket Club of Helsinki (Helsinki CC) was the first official team in Finland, and it began playing in the 1970s. Annual matches with the British Embassy in Stockholm were held against the team. It is also known that matches were held against some of the British who lived in Moscow.

The Finnish Cricket Association (Suomen Krikettiliitto ry) was created in 1999 to develop and organize the game of cricket in Finland. The turnover of the size of the top division was 45 (initially 40) overs until 2007, when it became 50 overs. In 2008, the Association created a second league, which is played with 40 overs. The winners of these series are promoted to the SM50 series, which is played by the best players in both leagues. In addition, Dev T20 and Open T20 series are played, which consist of 20 overs games and indoor cricket.

Finnish Champions

SM45 (40)



Open T20

Dev T20



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