Latvia national cricket team

ICC status non-member (n/a)
ICC region Europe
WCL n/a
Captain Dipanjan Manna
First international
Yet to play representative cricket
As of 1 August 2007

The Latvia Cricket Team is a fledgling team which represents the nation of Latvia in International Cricket competitions. They are not officially endorsed by the International Cricket Council and are therefore not entitled to participate in ICC Official events. However, they do have an application to the European Cricket Council pending, which should see them granted Affiliate Status in the near future.

Cricket began in Latvia in 1998 when the British Embassy in Riga decided to host a game. The Latvian Cricket Federation was formed in 2001 and now organises a regular club competition. The LCF is working with the European Cricket Council to encourage more Latvians to participate in the sport.

Latvia played Welsh village cricket team Carmel & District Cricket Club in 2007 in Riga where they lost by three wickets.

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