List of centuries in women's Twenty20 International cricket

Competitive cricket has been played by women since the mid-eighteenth century. While there were many local and regional clubs promoting the sport, it became organised only after the setting up of the Women's Cricket Association (England) in 1926 and other similar associations in Australia and New Zealand. The first international game played by women was a Test match between England and Australia in 1935. The International Women's Cricket Council was formed in 1958 to coordinate cricket among all interested countries.[1]

A Women's Twenty20 International (T20I) is a 20 overs-per-side cricket match played in a maximum of 150 minutes between two of the top 10 ranked countries of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in terms of women's cricket.[2] The first Twenty20 International match was held in August 2004 between England and New Zealand,[3] six months before the first Twenty20 International match was played between two men's teams.[4]

A century is a score of hundred or more runs by a batsman in one innings.[5] This list includes all players who have scored a century in women's Twenty20 Internationals and is arranged chronologically. As of February 2016, three cricketers have scored centuries.[6]


Symbol Meaning
Runs Number of runs scored
* Batsman remained not out
BF Number of balls faced
4s Number of fours hit
6s Number of sixes hit
SR Runs scored per 100 balls
Inn Innings in which the score was made
Statistic was not recorded
dagger Score was a world record at that time

Century scores

No. Player Date For Against Ground Runs BF 4s 6s SR Inns Result
1 Dottin, DeandraDeandra Dottin dagger 5 May 2010 West Indies South AfricaWarner Park, Basseterre112*4579248.881Won[7]
2 Fritz, ShandreShandre Fritz dagger 14 October 2010 South Africa NetherlandsUniversity Oval, Potchefstroom116*71122163.381Won[8]
3 Lanning, MegMeg Lanning dagger 24 March 2014 Australia IrelandSylhet Stadium, Sylhet12665184193.841Won[9]


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