Macedonians in Brazil

Macedonians in Brazil
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre
Macedonian Orthodox Church, Catholicism
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The Macedonian community of Brazil refers to the group of ethnic Macedonians living in Brazil or their descendants.

An estimated 45,000 people in Brazil are of Macedonian ancestry.[1] The Macedonians can be primarily found in Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Curitiba.


By 1947 Macedonian Migrants in all corners of the world had commenced an appeal to raise funds in an effort to assist the Macedonians in Macedonia to build hospitals and medical centres. This was coined the "Hospital Appeal". Brazilians of Macedonian descent helped to raise money for the hospitals. A total of $154,000 was raised by Macedonian migrants all over the world.

The following inscription appears on a plaque at the hospital in Skopje a tribute to the Macedonian Diaspora.

  • "The Buildings and equipping of this clinic block was possible due to the help of the Migrants of Macedonian origin settled in the USA, Canada, South America and Australia.
  • In the foundations of this building are laid the love of Macedonian migrants for their free homeland and our deep thankyous"[2]

Notable Macedonians from Brazil


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