Panno (typeface)

Category Sans-serif
Designer(s) Pieter van Rosmalen
Commissioned by Government of South Korea
Foundry CakeType, Bold Monday

Panno is a Latin sans-serif typeface designed by Dutch typeface designer, Pieter van Rosmalen. It is one of two typefaces specially designed for South Korean traffic signs. (The other being Hangil, the Hangul counterpart.)


Panno Sign

Panno Sign is the first variant to be commercially released. Normal and rounded forms are available, and each form has two weights - Negative and Positive - to use against dark and bright backgrounds respectively.

Panno Text

Panno Text is another commercial variant. It has six weights, and each weight has an italic form.

Non-Latin letters

Currently, Panno has no glyph other than Latin letters and Hindu–Arabic numbers.

Hangil, a Hangul typeface designed for South Korean traffic signs, employs Panno for the Latin and numeral portion.

In use

Panno is one of the results of the South Korean traffic sign reform, along with Hangil. The typeface, called Hangil E-type (E as in English) within the package, also has a condensed form. It replaced a Latin grotesque typeface accompanied to Sandoll Gothic.

Cleveland Magazine uses Panno Text for their design.

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