Road signs in Sri Lanka

70 kmph speed limit for light vehicles outside built-up areas. Vehicle categories are motor cars, dual purpose vehicles and motor cycles

Road signs in Sri Lanka are standardized road signs closely follow those used in the United Kingdom with certain distinctions, and a number of changes have introduced road signs that suit as per local road and system. Sri Lankan government announced by a gazette that aimed to get a face-lift and introduction of over 100 new road traffic signs. The new change will be replaced in color and sizes and introduction of Variable-message sign & electronic digital sign boards in express highways. The Japanese government has granted LKR 1.24 billion to implement message signs in expressways.[1]

Language applicable traffic sign boards are in Sinhalese, Tamil and English. The motor traffic act (chapter 203) describes road traffic signs.[2]

Danger warning signs

Additional panels

Regulatory signs

Prohibitory signs

Restrictive signs

Mandatory signs

Priority signs

Additional panels

Directional informative signs

National Highways

Provincial Roads


Other signs useful for drivers

Route number signs

Additional panels

Miscellaneous signs

Road markings

Traffic light signals

Light signals for pedestrians

Prohibited distance

Hazard-warning plates

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