Road signs in Ukraine

Road signs in Ukraine are governed by a combination of standards set out by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, the European Union, and the Ukraine Transport and Roads Agency. Ukrainian signs are similar to the signs of non-EU post-Soviet states (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) and are set out in 7 separate categories based on meaning; Warning, Priority, Prohibitory, Mandatory, Information, Guide, and Additional Plates.[1]

Ukraine drives on the right as with the rest of Europe, except for Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom.


Warning signs are an upward-pointing red triangle, with white backgrounds and black pictograms. Yellow backgrounds are used for temporary dangers or roadworks conditions. Signs may include additional plates detailing the danger, who the signs apply to, or other necessary information.


Priority signs regulate the movement of vehicles in an orderly fashion. The priority road sign tells drives that they have priority at all intersections ahead on the road until the end sign. The traffic bottleneck signs are used where the road is too narrow to permit vehicles to pass side-by-side, but rather must alternate.


Prohibitory signs regulate the use of the road based on movement, classes of vehicles, or other restrictions.


Mandatory signs instruct drivers on actions they must take or obey, or may mark types of vehicles permitted to use the road.


Information signs describe conditions of the road and area that do not require a danger warning, mandatory instruction or prohibition.


Guide signs mark the way to road services that may be required by the driver. They may include arrows, distances to, or names of the service.

Additional Plates

Additional plates provide extra information about the sign above it.

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