Russian Brazilians

Russian Brazilians
  • Russo-brasileiros
  • Русские бразильцы
Regions with significant populations
Southern Brazil · São Paulo · Mato Grosso do Sul ·
Portuguese · Russian
Judaism · Roman Catholicism · Christian Orthodox
Related ethnic groups
Other White Brazilians of Slavic origin such as Ukrainian Brazilians, Polish Brazilians

Russian Brazilians (Portuguese: Russo-brasileiros, Russian: Русские бразильцы Russkiye Brazil'tsy) are Brazilian citizens of full, partial, or predominantly Russian national background or descent, or Russian-born people residing in Brazil. The term can also refer to someone with a Brazilian mother and Russian father, or vice versa.

Fernando Lázaro de Barros Basto in Síntese da história da imigração no Brasil (1970) gives a total number of 319,215 immigrants from "Russia" (i.e. the Russian Empire pre-1917 and the Soviet Union post-1917) for the period of 1871 to 1968. A substantial portion of this number is due to ethnic Poles and ethnic Germans immigrating from the Russian Empire.[1]

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