Seychelles national cricket team

ICC status Affiliate member (2010)
ICC region Africa
WCL Africa Division 2
Coach Ramesh Venkateshwarlu
Captain Kaushal Patel
First international
v Kathiwar Cricket Club, 1976
As of 15 July 2010

The Seychelles Cricket Team is a fledgling team which represents the island nation of the Seychelles in International Cricket competitions.

Following the surrender of the Seychelles to the British Empire in the 1814 Treaty of Paris, then one can assume the game was played in some capacity in the 19th century. Following the independence of the Seychelles from the United Kingdom in 1979, the game on the islands went into decline.

Recently the game has seen an upsurge in popularity, mostly fuelled by expat communities on the island from cricket playing nations, but also involving local people. Until a few years ago the Seychelles played the Maldives and Mauritius in a triangular tournament.

In March 2010 the Seychelles Cricket Association president Jonathon Paul declared the countries intention to apply for Affiliate membership of the International Cricket Council.[1] This was granted, with the Seychelles being recognised as the 105th member of the ICC.[2]

1.Kaushalkumar Jadavjibhai Patel(Captain) 2.Arvind Nanji Bhuva . Tim Horpinitch 4.Muditha Gunatilake 5.Kiri Hetti Liyanage Don Sohan Ranga Benedict Halpe 6.Dhiraj Dhanji Varsani 7.Mukesh Lalji Vadodariya 8.Aruna Pradeep Hathurusinghe Dewage 9.Hari krishnan Kamalan 10.Dharmesh Dhanji Hirani 11.Govindbhai Vishrambhai Bhuva 12.Janaka Sanjeewa Ratnayake 13.Mudiyanselage Tharmenthiran Shanmugam 14. Suranga Fernando Wattalage Manager Arupdas. Coach: Ramesh Venkatsweralu Assistance coach: Patrick Thomas

Shortly after becoming a member of the ICC, Seychelles Cricket Association president Jonathon Paul announced plans to build an international standard cricket ground to encourage the growth of cricket in the Seychelles. Land on Ile Persévérance has been set aside for its construction.[3]


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