Vietnamese people in Cyprus

Vietnamese in Cyprus
Người Việt tại Đảo Síp
Total population
(Over 12,000[1][2])
Regions with significant populations
Nicosia, Limassol,[1] North Nicosia[3]
Primarily Mahayana Buddhism, non-religious, Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Vietnamese people, Overseas Vietnamese

The Vietnamese people in Cyprus number more than 12,000 individuals.

Community organizations

Vietnamese-speaking people celebrate Tết, the traditional Lunar New Year, especially in the coastal city of Limassol, with many activities included Vietnamese folk songs, dancing, and folk games.

In 2015, for the first time, the Vietnamese in Cyprus organized a program to welcome the new spring in Limassol, during which many art items traditional long dress and unique costumes of ethnic minorities in northwestern region and folk games of Vietnam were performed.[4]


Further information: Languages of Cyprus

As of 2011, there were 6,979 Vietnamese speakers in Cyprus.[5]


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